You’ve invested time and money on a wonderful vacation where you plan to create a lifetime of memories … why leave it to chance.

There are so many good reasons why you should not forego travel insurance:

  • Your schedule changes and you can’t take the vacation.
  • You miss your cruise because your flight departed late.
  • Your luggage gets lost.
  • You get sick or injured and need medical attention.

And let’s knot even got into detail about the most awful thing that could happen while on vacation: death of a traveler.

But if you don’t believe us that travel insurance is a MUST, then take a look at this news story of a Bakersfield, CA, couple who relied solely on their personal insurance when a major situation arose for them while on vacation (click image below):

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So please don’t hesitate to say YES when we ask if you would like travel insurance … you never know what may happen and you’ll be so very glad you did!